March 13, 2021

Day 3

This morning’s one hour word count: 747

If you’ve been following along, then you’ll know that the chapter I’m working on right now is titled: ‘You Can’t Bore People Into Buying’.

Today I’ve been writing about how to create a sales presentation that is ‘intentionally’ interesting.

Why ‘intentionally’ interesting?

Because the opposite of boring is interesting. So to avoid boring we must set out to be INTERESTING ON PURPOSE.

The dictionary defines ‘interesting’ as: arousing curiosity; holding attention.

Using that definition, all the sales presentation examples I’m writing about in this chapter get 11/10 for interesting.

They most certainly catch attention.

Right from the first second.

In fact before a word is even spoken.

And they definitely generate curiosity.

Curiosity that has people completely absorbed in what you have to say, right to the point where THEY ASK TO BUY.

In SELLING WITH FLAIR, I outline a simple step-by-step process for generating the kind of attention and curiosity that makes selling (as you know it) superfluous.

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